This dog will not eat until the food has been “prepared.”

Everyone was surprised by the adorable golden retriever’s amusing demeanor when he insisted on waiting for his food to be cooked before eating it.

Everyone familiar with this erratic Golden Retriever is astonished by the fact that, for some reason, he refuses to eat unless his family lovingly prepares his meals for him. No one was aware of Isso’s choice to cease eating at that point. They believed something happened even though everything appeared to be OK.

Since the dog just didn’t want to eat, which is unusual for a golden retriever, the dog’s family made the decision to pay heed to all the warning indications. Isso intended to give his family some explanations about his actions, but at first, they had trouble grasping them.

The dog’s family looked into possible explanations for why he wasn’t eating. As soon as his relatives vigorously stirred Isso’s supper. His family now stirs his dish before serving it each time it’s time to eat because the secret ingredient is no longer possible to miss.

Isso is certainly satisfied with his schedule, and his family will be content to continue it every day as long as he is eating.

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