A shelter dog is unable to stop embracing his new owners when they first meet.

Up until the day she met her permanent family, Mila’s life had been terrible. She seems unable to stop hugging her owners right now. Until they met Mila, Marie McCain and her husband Markie weren’t certain if they wanted to fill the gap their former dog left.

She “melted my heart,” said McCain. It was only a mental encounter because we had lost our other dog a few months prior to meeting Mila. I didn’t believe I was prepared for a new dog at the moment.

The two were unable to resist a meet and greet with the rescue team due to Mila’s allure. Markie said, “I moved forward to avoid startling her, and she was on my lap and in my life in seconds.”

I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her; our connection was immediate. She seemed intended to be with us, at least that’s how we felt. Before this happy day, Mila had not been cared for; rather, her former owners had just used her.

After the rescue, Mila was reunited with a kind foster home where she was able to regain her vitality. After several months, she was ultimately prepared for adoption.

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