A stray cat visits a stranger’s house every morning to “correct” her hair.

Kitkat, a really attractive stray cat, lived alone for a long time and was independent before Emily Hesse and her family moved into one of the houses on the street where she lived.

Shortly after Emily arrived, the cat walked up to her house and asked for some food. Before returning to work, she gave her food and caressed her. After then, the cat began to appear often.

The girl was later picked up and taken inside the house by Emily’s 7-year-old daughter. Kitkat took the choice to “fix” Emily’s hair as soon as she began acting like a family member.

Since then, Kitty has been going to see her family almost every day. When she wants to be free, she goes back to the street.

The four-legged hair stylist now has a loving family that protects her while also enabling her to enjoy her independence.

“I allow Kitkat in when it rains or when she decides she needs food.” If she wants to depart, I let her go. She enjoys hanging around with us, napping, and interacting with our other cats. claims Emily.

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