Meet the man who helped tens of thousands of animals regain their movement.

Sam Capana, 44, has changed the lives of over 36,000 animals. He established the Pets company and began producing artificial limbs that let animals walk once again.

18 years ago, Unnie, a woman who wanted one for her Labrador, came to Sam’s studio where he made arms and legs, which sparked his passion in making animal limbs.

Although the guy had never previously given canines limbs, he did not refuse the woman. In less than a week, he fashioned Unnie a brand-new paw that perfectly fit him. Sam was inspired by this success to learn more about how to create animal prosthesis.

He began working with veterinarians around the nation to obtain information, and shortly after that, he established his own company, Pets. Given how difficult it was to manufacture some of the prosthetic limbs, the guy had to constantly recreate the animal paw models.

He finally achieved success. Sam regularly advises the owners of his canine and feline patients not to expect a full recovery on the first day of a prosthesis since animals, like people, need time to get used to new limbs.

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