This black Labrador is adored by internet users for requesting soccer players for belly massages during a game.

Players and fans of the first match between the women’s national soccer teams of Brazil and Peru last week observed the unexpected entrance of a very good boy into the stadium.

At 37 minutes into the game, the dog concluded that soccer females would be the best candidates to scratch his tummy. He started by approaching Peru’s national team goalie Emilie Endler.

He sat down in front of her, exposed his stomach, and began to request belly massages. The child enthusiastically focused her full attention on the dog. When he was satisfied, he got up and went to the judge to ask for more belly rubs.

Every time the players made an attempt to catch him, the tailed magician evaded them. He was calm and wagged his tail, making it look like he was unconcerned. Brazil prevailed 2-0 in the end.

But the dog made everyone feel like winners since he uplifted their moods.

An entertaining video of the dog running across the field was captured and put on social media, where it soon gained a lot of attention and comments.

Video from internet: