The cute puppy is so happy to be out of the shelter that he can’t stop wagging his tail.

This puppy was abandoned at the shelter. The staff members at the shelter quickly realized that she was unique. The little dog was constantly grinning and waggling his tail.

Given Matilda’s early circumstances, it’s amazing to see a dog with such delight and kindness. The first two months she was like a lost puppy.

All loved the little puppy named Matilda.

She was admired by netizens when the shelter released a video of her online. Her tail only stopped wagging when she was placed in the collar. They were able to remove it from her since the dog did not like it.

Despite not liking collars, Matilda loves her life at her temporary home.

She loves playing with her toys and the animals who dwell there, as well as taking naps with her new friends.

Even some of her new neighbors became close pals. And we sincerely hope that this adorable, kind, outgoing, and friendly dog soon gets a forever home, as she so wonderfully deserves.

Video from internet: