In these photos, the dog’s owner illustrates the unique and intense connection between an owl and a dog.

Animals may form some very great friendships. Tanya Brandt routinely shares photos of her two pets, the shepherd dog Inki and the owl Polka, who can’t stand to be apart.

The couple earned recognition right away, and pictures of them quickly began to circulate online. A tremendous degree of camaraderie and understanding exists among the animals.

Big and courageous Inki, the German Shepherd dog, watches over the fireplace.

The dog is hence extra careful with it and constantly prepared to defend it. How dedicated the shepherd dog is to his pal is evident in the images. This adorable couple’s owner claims to have loved animals ever since she was a little child.

The woman was thrilled to provide her house as a haven to an owl and a shepherd dog. It’s fun for Poldi and Inki to strike postures for the camera.

Inki and Polka are highly submissive and possess a special talent for detecting their mother’s mood.

Tanya has a rare sensitivity that allows her to create masterpieces rather than ordinary photos. As a result, strange pets attract the audience’s interest.

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