Occasionally a woman went to the shelter to get a new dog for her sons and occasionally she found her lost pet there.

While looking for a dog to adopt for her two boys on a shelter’s website, Anja periodically came across a photo of a recognizable dog. After carefully examining it, she was positive that it was her cat Killua, who had vanished two years before.

She was astonished to see her cherished dog in front of her eyes. Anja adopted him when he was just seven weeks old. She dubbed him Killua. The woman cared for Killua for around five years, but one day when she came home from work, she couldn’t locate her beloved puppy at home.

Anja was sad since she couldn’t find her puppy despite searching for her. Anja had no idea that her dog had been found after spending two weeks missing and had been taken to the local humane organization.

Killua had to be returned to the shelter after 8 months after being adopted by a family.

Anja then contacted the local humane organization and let them know where she had found her puppy. Killua noticed her owner and immediately started to wag his tail. Nice, huh?

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