The youngster and his best friend the duck accomplish everything together, and the duck ultimately stays by his side throughout everything.

This small child is really lucky to take a live duck for a wash rather than a rubber one! Buck the duck moved to the Young family in 2016 from Texas. Young Tom and Buck hit it off right immediately.

Tom Young’s mother, Malia Young, asserts that “duck” was his first word. Soon after, the parents set up a special Facebook page for Tom and the duck where they could share images and videos.

“They did everything together – they swam, ate, and slept,” the child’s mother adds. As they became older, their friendship got closer. Young claims that they just play from the moment they wake up until their nightly bedtime.

Buck begins requesting food as soon as Tom begins to eat, says Buck. It’s funny because they both seem like kids to me, Malia continues. A genuine friend’s protector, Buck.

The Young family had always raised farm ducks, but they all had outside the housing.

Buck is distinctive among the others. Buck, though, is every bit as observant, loving, and charming as a dog or cat. Nothing about this, in Tom’s opinion, is strange. He shared his entire life with his best bird friend.

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