A compassionate guy found the little puppy hiding in a shoe, and today he is a lovely dog.

The Serbian volunteer has fostered stray animals for many years, but this instance was special. He discovered a little puppy tucked inside an old boot during one of his outings.

He made a decision to help him, and as a consequence, the pup developed into a happy, gorgeous dog. Mom wasn’t here, therefore no one was available to watch the dog. He was picked up, fed, and taken to the vet’s office by Gorn.

After helping him, the man carried the dog to his house. He was kept warm and safe and surrounded by love and care, and soon healed and bloomed into a beautiful puppy.

The owner gave him the name Sendi and formed a close relationship with his animal, which the animal reciprocated.

One year after the volunteer first observed him, Sendi is now unrecognizable.

He grew into a cute, sociable, and energetic dog.

We are thankful that this wonderful puppy may now live in safety and comfort because of a nice and kind individual, leaving all the difficulties behind for him.

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