The lovely dog gives his cherished fluffy toy to his young sibling whenever he needs assistance.

With his human parents, 2-year-old Bamboo lives in California. Because it is his favorite toy and he is not ready to part with it, he handles a yellow toy with the utmost care. Not long after Bamboo first emerged, Ana became pregnant.

The dog’s behavior has changed considerably. If I drove him away, he most certainly slept on the floor next to me.

At that time, I started getting angry with him for his conduct. But now I see why he was looking out for me and running the house.

The decision of whether to introduce Bamboo to Kaleb straight soon or after he was born was made without hesitation by the family. As soon as the mother and kid exited the hospital, Bamboo was there to welcome them.

Bamboo was always mindful of the responsibility placed on his shoulders. He tried not to move away from Kaleb, to maintain him in his line of sight.

The boy’s parents were astounded by Bamboo’s quick insight on how to defuse Kaleb’s agitation. Without second thought, he entered the other room and came back with his most treasured gift for the kid: a soft, yellow ball.

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