The male orangutan steps up to take full parental care for his daughter after her mother abandoned her permanently.

This is really unique in nature. Rarely do male orangutans in the wild help their mothers with caring for their young. The most unexpected and moving story is the Colorado Zoo incident.

After Celine’s mother left, an orangutan there by the name of Bento made the decision to raise Celine, who was two years old at the time, by himself.

The zoo staff were shocked by Bento’s sudden action.

In the meanwhile, the orangutan has already shown himself to be a very devoted and caring parent. ‘ A father like that is unimaginable to Celine. Staff personnel at the zoo said that Bento is very aware of her, always watches out for her, and is familiar with all of her needs.

Staff at the Denver Zoo claim that while taking exceptional care of Celine, Bento is unable to fully assume the role of the mother in terms of parenting the children.

By the way, Bento has prior parental experience.

The orangutan has previously been requested to help raise a youngster that is not his own. Celine’s mother, 33, died away in December. We should all make an effort to learn more from animals.

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