This little puppy loves to take naps on the fluffiest dog in the dog hotel, and neither do his companions.

A restful night’s sleep is the key to becoming upbeat and resilient. However, where your bed is located is crucial. It is possible to sleep soundly despite how cozy and comfy it is.

The comfy location in this case is a cuddly puppy. This is how this small dog acts. Meet Angel, who began going to a daycare when she was a little child. She is highly animated and loves to play. But when she is exhausted, she chooses the softest fur in view and takes a sleep.

She merely requires a comfortable place to lay down. Additionally, the daycare center’s location is certainly on a dog’s fur.

It’s amusing that Angel choose a new dog every time for her favorite resting location.

Her thoughtful friends don’t mind either. They all seem to be enjoying snuggling just as much as Angel. She slept like she always did, even as an adult.

When her owner Brittany goes to pick Angel up from the daycare, she doesn’t want to go home. She struggles to leave the cozy, warm, and comfortable place where she rests.

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