Meet Missus, a dog that enjoys and craves her favorite “chair.”

On a Facebook community for dog owners and merely dog aficionados, a funny comment recently appeared. The story’s author is Texas native Betty Lee.

The woman decided to participate in the challenge and posted funny photos of her pit bulls, Connor and Missus, using the hashtag #weirddogchallenge. Although Betty routinely posts pictures of her pets, they have never previously been this well-liked.

The problem is that Missus decided for some reason that ordinary pillows weren’t good enough for her and began to sleep on her brother Connor. She is entirely content in this scenario, which is not something that can be stated for Connor.

His look on the face speaks for itself. Sadly, the dog bowed to Missus’ pressure and became her preferred “chair.” Betty’s tweet immediately caught the attention of the audience and received close to 10,000 likes.

Missus is not the only animal who likes to sit on other dogs, it was found. It became evident that this happens everywhere when followers began uploading their own pictures in the comments. Is it an attempt to show off one’s dominance or unwelcome tenderness?

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