Nine ducklings were adopted by the 10-year-old Lab, who raised them with love and care.

Family is the most precious thing we have. A family is just a collection of two or more people who are linked through birth. On occasion, though, specific unavoidable occurrences might change their meaning. a clan made up of members of many species.

The circumstance is just this for the protagonist of our novel. The adorable puppy Freya lives with a big family; meet her. This caring dog belongs to Jonah and Jackie, who also often take in rescued animals.

Freya therefore acted as a big brother to all the animals that had struggled in the past. He stood by their sides all the time, encouraging and guarding them. A day later, nine ducklings were found nearby the castle.

It was so weird that the castle workers started looking about for the mother of the ducklings. On the day Freya first saw the ducklings, he behaved in an unusual way toward them.

He put them under his paw and started to care for them. The ducklings consider the dog to be their father, so they follow him everywhere he goes. Their unique bond proved that a family may be built on the foundation of unadulterated, consoling love.

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