A dog was “adopted” by a monkey in India who reared him as if he were a human child.

A monkey living close to the Indian city of Errode rose to fame on Facebook after caring for a puppy. On social media, a user posted images of animals. The monkey’s protection enveloped the puppy completely.

As they jump from branch to tree together, the monkey never lets go of the pup. Additionally, she makes an effort to feed the infant by giving him things like a bunch of grapes. When bystanders brought the pair a bowl of milk, she let the dog eat first.

The monkey and dog were observed by a bystander, who remarked, “People who see them often report that their affection is mutual.” He also suspected that the monkey’s own, which she identifies with the puppy, had probably been gone.

These monkeys, which may be found in Pakistan, India, South China, and the Indochina countries, are the most common primates on earth and are quite common in urban areas.

The Indians revere these creatures as sacrosanct. Females give birth to a single cub after a 165-day pregnancy, and the mother cares for and protects the cub for up to a year.

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