This kitten who was saved is ecstatic and won’t stop purring.

Cats have a reputation for being cold, aloof, and mildly irritable. People rarely associate the words “joyous” and “good-natured” with cats when discussing disposition.

Thankfully, this ginger kitten proved that cats are more carefree than people think. This lucky kitty goes by the name of Reya. She also has cause to be happy because she is no longer housed in a shelter.

She’s discovered a fantastic family! The small fluffy ball is clearly quite happy, as evidenced by the clever look on her face that resembles a brilliant smile.

I didn’t make a special effort to acquire a new kitten because I already owned two.

But as I was making my way home from work, I had a tremendous need to go to the animal shelter. “I found this little old lady there and was immediately captivated by her!”

“Since I got her home, Reya hasn’t stopped grinning.” She received a name modeled by a cartoon character. Thankfully, this cute cat found a loving home who will adore her always. Hopefully, someday, every stray animal will be reunited with its owner.

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