The man adopts the puppy and takes him home while grinning in a “unadoptable” manner.

Daniel decided to get a puppy and went to a local shelter to look for a companion. A golden retriever named Zink sat with his head bowed.

Daniel longed with all his heart not to leave the dog behind.

Staff employees at the shelter began to discourage the man, saying the retriever was “difficult to acclimatize” because of his penchant for strange smiles and flashing all of his teeth at once.

But Daniel was significantly impacted by Zink for some reason. He decided to give the dog a chance at leading a normal life.

The man filled out the paperwork and went to pick up the animal with the escort. Then Zink smiled.

In fact, it was clear that the dog was unable to smile. He tried to catch their attention by flashing his teeth at them. Zink regained the owner’s confidence as his well-known grin surfaced.

Once he realized he could trust the owner and that this house might end up being his forever home, the retriever began to open up and showed himself to be a humorous dog.

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