A 10-month-old dog’s natural lashes are so long that some people think they’re extensions.

When they first see Sky, people are shocked and unable to take their eyes off of him. All because of the dog’s remarkable external traits.

Sky has the most beautiful eyes of any dog, with long eyelashes that sometimes look like extensions. His owner, Irene, claims that he has always kept them in that position.

Irene has known the dog, who is only 10 months old since he was a puppy․

The stylish woman simply had to stop and pet the adorable pooch. Sky has stunning lashes. Irene said that they are gorgeously long and curled. The dog’s owner must devote a lot of effort to giving him daily showers and meticulous combings.

He quickly became used to receiving attention because he is such a cute puppy.

The dog is a “very active and charming puppy that appreciates the attention he gets from visitors on our walks,” according to Irene.

Reduced eyelashes are recommended for the dog’s benefit by veterinarians. A length like that may restrict eyesight, after all. But Irene is sure that her attentive care will help to avoid these problems.

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