The pit bull adopted from the shelter thinks he’s a cat, and his new owners routinely publishes photos to support this claim.

Who is in charge of the household will remain an open subject. The solutions can also differ and be a complete surprise. Bella and Sally, sisters, are confident that the answer will surprise you.

Initially deciding to take two cats, the two sisters then changed their minds and decided to also take a dog. They took in the pit bull from the shelter, Frappe.

However, it soon became clear that the cats were not only not going to give the freshly arrived visitor the power, but also not going to make a scene.

Sally and Bella adopted a very cunning mindset, and they soon saw that the pit bull had begun to imitate the actions and demeanor of cats. First, the girls were worried about possible encounters with Bella the animals.

However, oddly enough, cats began to dictate the standards for such a strong breed as a pit bull. Frappe began to resemble a cat over time. The owners are genuinely moved by their adorable bond as he shares meals and beds with his mustachioed friends.

They were also aware that the cliché surrounding pit bull behavior is just that—a cliché.

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