Numerous other families had rejected the Down syndrome newborn daughter this single father adopted.

From the moment Lily was born, she would face difficult obstacles. The moment the young mother lay eyes on the newborn girl, she realized she didn’t need a child like that. She had at least twenty potential parents in the end, but none of them finally chose to have a “special” child.

Lily did, however, start a family two years ago, although a tiny and odd one. Andrew, 41, is a single man without any kids.

Italy is a difficult country for single-parent families to adopt from.

However, social services granted Andrew’s request, allowing him to take the 13-day-old infant home. His extensive experience working in a center for persons with special needs may have been beneficial.

Through this work, he developed his patience, understanding, and ability to communicate with people who are ill.

The girl has spent the last two years developing in a happy home environment.

Anderw looks for a partner to share the joys of fatherhood with even if he is the lone caregiver for her. He enjoys spending evenings with his happy infant because they are both content together.

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