When these adoring kitties arrived to provide their support, the street musician was about to depart.

This man sings to a small group of musically inclined cats. You can bet that devoted furry fans are there in the “hall” if you hear a musician playing the guitar with skill on the streets of Pangora (Malaysia).

The creator of the video wrote online, “That night, my friend almost completed singing songs, but not many people heard him.” Four three-month-old kittens suddenly came and sat down in front of him, which caused him to lose his initial worry and relax.

He continued to play. The kittens appeared to feel sorry for him and to want to help. The artist complimented the cats for following his performance all the way through, according to the Daily Mail.

The kittens like this show a much. They sat motionless like good listeners do while enjoying the music. The jazz musician was content with the large audience.

This was a very lovely story to demonstrate the fact that all animals like music just like people do.

We can only hope that they will carry on where they left off.

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