A dog who has waited 280 days for adoption is delighted to see his first family photo.

When Marcy came to the shelter after being discovered wandering the streets, no one knew anything about his past. Contrarily, Marcy showed himself to be a quick learner, and it didn’t take long for everyone to realize what a wonderful dog he was.

He usually hopped around in a circle and eagerly shook his behind to welcome guests into his space. He was easy to acquaint with new volunteers; all one needed to do was give him cookies.

Everyone assumed Marcy would find the best home immediately because of his charm, but this was not the case, and he soon became the resident who stayed the longest at the shelter.

He developed relationships with all of the staff members and volunteers there, and he ultimately found his forever home there.

All of the volunteers became his buddies, and they loved him and occasionally took him home with them. Everyone was pleased when Marcy was able to travel with his new, permanent family.

When it came time for his first family portrait, Marcy’s smile spoke volumes and suggested that he felt this was a special day.

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