Despite having been adopted from a shelter a year ago, the dog still cuddles his owner.

A year after being saved from a shelter by his owner, Kally is still so appreciative of her that he never stops cuddling her. When Kally was just 10 months old, his family brought him to an animal shelter.

Employees at the shelter were aggressively looking for a permanent home and loving owners for this adorable dog because he needed so much care.

Kally had been there for a while, but nobody seemed to be considering him.

The reason this gorgeous young puppy received so little attention baffled the volunteers. However, this dog finally started to show interest in a family. In the new house, Kally showed his true character by being kind and compassionate.

When his owner sits down, he jumps on her knees after giving her a hug and demands lots of attention.

In addition, when Meggy, Kally’s owner, saw him, he approached her right away and hugged her, and she realized she couldn’t leave the house without him.

Since then, Kally has developed into a beloved pet.

He expresses his gratitude to everyone he meets for giving him a caring home for the remainder of his life.

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