The bird with the highest level of blue beauty, the blue-eared beauty: Such beauty has never before been seen.

This species is extensively distributed in South Africa and Angola. There are no tropical forests in the Gulf of Guinea or the Nile River Basin. The starling is a beautiful bird with stunning coloration, one that must be seen to appreciate.

Although ubiquitous throughout its area, to birdwatchers who are not aware with how colorful these birds can be, it is particularly beautiful.

One of the most colorful members of the Sturnldae family, this bird has a number of unique characteristics that may surprise bird watchers.

It is straightforward to recognize these starlings. They may first be readily differentiated from other starling family members by their erect posture, huge beak, short tail, and brilliant colors.

Both sexes have turquoise upperparts that, under ideal lighting, have a stunning, brilliant, shimmering coloration. A blue-black facial patch that also covers the auricles surrounds the eyes. Two somewhat symmetrical, evenly spaced black dots.

The underparts are more vividly colored whereas the abdomen and sides are violet. The color or tint of the bird’s feathers might vary depending on the angle of sight and the kind of sunlight.

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