A kitten decides to stay in a man’s apartment after asking for food there, changing his life.

Contrary to popular assumption, individuals prefer their furry buddies above other animals. This situation also applies to San Diego resident Philip Walken. He had always known that having a dog as a pet came with a lot of responsibility and a lifetime commitment.

He didn’t intend to have a dog or a cat any time soon as a result. However, he and Miki hit it off right away when they first met. Philip was holding a movie night with several of his friends when a stray cat wandered into his flat.

She cautiously walked up to the entrance and quietly sniffed the ground while watching us closely. The sight of the small one’s fur led Philip to believe that he was a street person. She had no collar either.

He then decided to keep the kitten for the night, feeding and bathing him. He had no clue how drastically the small cat would change his life.

He said, “I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that wandered in, walk away,” if I had the chance to assist.

I gave her food and a shower. She spent that night and every night after that in my bed.

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