Kitty is now safe since the dog helped the family find the lost cat.

Amaal, a Malaysian woman, just moved to a new house with her family and a cat they called Bubble. An inquisitive cat sprang out of a door that was left open during the transfer and wandered aimlessly along the street.

“We had never relocated a cat before. Because of this, Amaal said, we thought Bubble would be able to get home by himself.

Hours were spent by Amaal and her husband looking for the cat.

They searched every nook and cranny of the house, wandered around every neighborhood, put up posters of the cat everywhere, and shared information about the missing animal on social media.

Several of the family’s neighbors attempted to help, but it was unsuccessful.

Days passed with no sign of the cat. But soon a neighbor came to the wife and said he had found Bubble. His dog started barking loudly and running to the cat during a park stroll. The neighbor immediately made touch with Amaal to appease the woman. While her husband was driving for the cat, the dog sat next to her, comforting her and making sure she didn’t leave again. Bubble is safe at home right now.

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