The little girl decided to take care of the young pig she had found in the garden.

A blogger was completely uninterested until one day when a gardener came upon a wild boar cub. The animal was clearly young, having only been alive for a few months. In the wild, a pig wouldn’t stand a hope of surviving without a mother.

Alia, on the other hand, was completely unaware of what was ahead. The first several days passed by rather easily.

The pig was fed warm milk from a neighboring cow and bathed in a bottle filled with warm water.

The young woman continued despite Alia’s declaration that the boar had no chance. The boar started to show signs of improvement after she switched to puppy formula for her milk.

He was first and foremost obliged to undergo hygiene training and undertake daily water operations.

Yesiu was raised in a warm, happy household.

He was welcomed with open arms by the owner’s dogs, who thereafter took care of him. Because Alia kept four dogs, the boar was never alone.

He was raised to be a contented, friendly hog. Yesiu and Alia are still living together.

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