The entertaining cat Liu brings her owner’s shoes to her every morning since she is so appreciative of being adopted.

You’ll want to add “immediately adopt a cat” to your list after seeing the hilarious way this cute kitten thanks her owner for saving her.

The cute cat Liu delivers her owner’s slippers every morning because she is so grateful to have finally found a loving home. In poor condition, Liu came at the refuge. After a few weeks, she looked much better, but no one was interested in adopting her.

On the other side, Kaya and her mother were lucky to adopt her and loved her right away. They had no clue that their nice surprise would come so swiftly. The loving mother took wonderful care of the new member of her family, as did the entire family.

After a short while, Liu looked to be in much better form. One morning, the devoted adoptive mom saw her beloved pet deliver her slippers as she was about to leave the house.

It was a sincere act of thanks for save her life in this manner, most likely. After that, the lovely animal started doing it automatically.

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