The family’s beloved turtle was lost, but it was discovered alive and well 31 years later.

The tale of Manny, their beloved pet turtle, was related to Amelia by her mother when she was a little girl. The Manny family believed their cherished pet was currently gone forever because all efforts to find her had been unsuccessful, but time has shown that they were sadly incorrect.

Then, in 2014, thirty years later, something amazing occurred. Recently, Amelia’s grandpa passed away, and at the home where her mother spent her formative years, his kin gathered to settle his inheritance.

The family had been cleaning up and clearing the attic of Amelia’s grandpa when one of them saw a weird object. They recognized the turtle that was in the speaker’s old wooden box.

Amelia said, “We were really taken aback. Her mother was speechless for a while and couldn’t believe what she was seeing before describing what had transpired as a miracle.

Amazingly, the animal was discovered within the box after spending thirty years trapped in the attic. The family of Manny was ecstatic. What a fascinating and original tale. Who would have believed such a miracle was possible.

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