They come upon a cow-goat cross that resembles a figure from Greek mythology.

The wonders of nature never stop surprising us; some are known while others are still a mystery. It is compared to a well-known figure from Greek mythology, just like this hybrid.

This animal, which is rather huge and resembles both a cow and a goat physically, has been seen in the Alps.

This animal moves confidently and easily up the slopes.

He has the strength of a fantasy figure and can lift 750 kg.
Because of its tiny legs and hooves, this animal is a distant relative of both goats and cows.

The takin species, which lives in hilly terrain, weighs around 350 kilos, and it coexists in an area with several pandas.

This species, a member of the Bovidae family, shares several genetic characteristics with wild sheep in addition to looking like cows and goats.

Many people adore the color of their coat, which may be anything from a reddish brown to a creamy golden hue.

Some claim that this uncommon animal served as the inspiration for a painting because of its dominant hue. Nice, huh? How do you feel?

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