Meet Ovka, a dog who likes paragliding with his human lover.

Ovka likes to travel a lot and lives in France with his owner Shans. He walks a lot and really likes flying. Shans did not immediately consider paragliding with a dog.

Shans began to gently accustom his pet to the flying glider. And after getting used to the enormous strange design, he invented a special device that enables him to transport the dog securely.

After a month and a half of instruction, Ovka was proficient at flying. With his owner in the air, the dog is finally pleased. Both Ovka and Shans clearly needed love and support when they first met.

The snow-white fluffy also had many difficulties; he spent a considerable amount of time in a shelter and was repeatedly delivered to different owners. However, things started to get better as soon as Shans took the puppy.

The dog eventually found contentment. On Instagram, Shans have more than 70,000 followers and routinely shares photos and videos of his escapades with his fluffy friend. Have you ever seen a dog like that? Inform us.

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