Despite being informed that she was “too old” for a dog, Grandma receives the most endearing present from her grandson.

Alina’s grandmother is 76 and her grandfather is considerably older. They have owned dogs all of their lives. Before she did, the woman had a hard time deciding whether to accept a new animal friend.

Grandma Alina applied to many shelters, but they all turned her down on the grounds that she was too old to care for a young puppy. Grandma couldn’t believe it. The little girl kept looking, and it’s a good thing she didn’t give up since her efforts paid off.

She came upon a puppy! While browsing her social network, she came across a post from a man asking for a caring home for his cat. When the dog’s owner found out that an elderly couple needed a dog, he immediately agreed.

Grandpa and the girl’s father went to get a new family member. The elderly woman exclaimed joyfully, as though she were a little child.

She said that the dog could not be in a more loving home, despite the opinions of those who believed the girl’s grandparents wouldn’t be excellent puppy parents due to their advanced age. Cute, huh? How do you feel?