A stray cat thinks he is working at a nursing home after breaking in.

Even among cats, this gorgeous kitten proved to be more persuasive than we could have thought. We all know cats are independent and can convince anybody.

And now meet Ola, a charming cat who decides on his own terms to reside in a nursing home and even views himself as one of its staff members. A fluffy black and white ball started stumbling about the nursing home, and that was when everything started.

He was either driven by his curiosity or his attachment to the folks who fed him. Nevertheless, the cat has chosen to work there and has previously visited the area. The cat helps the staff and the residents at the same time.

All of the elderly people living in this institution have come to understand and realize how lovely it is to own a cat. All of them are now in love with her.

Most of the patients of the nursing home now have a pet at home, and being able to pet the cat provides them an indescribably precious sense of comfort and warmth. Everyone is now accustomed to this sweet purr and finds it difficult to imagine life without it.