Meet Chalky, the adorable cat whose charming sleeping patterns are making him popular on Instagram.

Online fans have come to admire a cat from Tokyo for his unusual sleeping habits. Chalky is a sweet newborn who recently arrived. But this did not stop him from mastering the art of immaculate charm.

The cat likes having a snooze on a plush sofa, much like his family. But given how expertly he does it, nobody would want to wake him up.

Chalky’s slumber is so lovely because of his small, light legs.

A little cat’s contented smile that spreads over his face is a sure sign that he has the sweetest cat dreams.

And before getting his stomach massaged, he probably follows a never-ending ball of yarn in them. By the way, Chalky uses Instagram frequently.

The cat’s owner routinely posts photos of his animals on a secret account on social media. A real Instagram celebrity will always know which pose will garner the most likes. Chalky understands it completely. Some cats are so adorable you want to embrace them.