Meet Kiska, the cat who gains notoriety on Instagram and turns into a meme.

She goes by the name Kiska. The cat is owned by Galina. She is so attached to Kiska that she set up an Instagram account only for the pet. Galina is a skilled photographer who has her own account where she posts only the best pictures.

Additionally, readers are much more drawn to Kiska’s blogs because of the regular photo posts. The shot captures the cat’s whole range of dynamic facial expressions.

The account’s visitors are happy to leave comments on the image. Galina adds that Kiska truly has a very sympathetic and kind disposition. She has a lot of fun playing and loves getting pets.

The cat still has a really serious expression on its face, though. The girl enjoys watching the popularity of her pet grow.

After all, she calls the creature “an endless reservoir of energy.”

Galina does not want to in any way lessen the charm of her cat. At least this is demonstrated by the over 80,000 individuals who have followed Kiska’s story.

Kiska is so well-liked that everyone loves her and praises her: