A kitten begins to thrive after she is taken under the wing of another cat.

A cute kitten was discovered on the streets, but what really cheered her up was the care that another cat gave her and who later took on the role of her protector. When they came upon the kitty, she was wandering the streets alone. She was picked up and taken to an animal refuge in Quebec.

Shelter employees got in touch with several animal shelters to find the infant a suitable foster home. Finally, a shelter agreed to transport her there securely and provide her all the attention she needed. Little Ellian needed a lot of time to grow, so an adoptive parent who was willing to take care of her raised her in their house.

Little Ellian desired companionship more than she wanted to eat healthily and thrive in her warm new home.

She was little and frail, and her foster family watched after her carefully.

Ellian expressed to her careers her desire to never again be alone and her continual need for the company during her recovery. She could move and look about, and she developed a keen sense of interest. She likes to place her paws on us when we are taking care of her.