This cat like to sleep with a carton of strawberries because she enjoys vitamins.

One day, mom-cat Carly was shocked to discover her little furry kitten showing a great interest in her purchases when she came back from the store. She quickly came to the conclusion that Rebus was drawn to a bunch of strawberries screaming their siren song.

For some reason, the carton of delectable red berries appeared to have completely captured the 10-year-old kitten’s interest. Because Carly wasn’t sure if strawberries were safe for cats, she put the package away and then phoned his sister, a veterinarian.

According to Carly’s sister, Rebus was allowed to play with the strawberries, so Carly gave the box back. When Rebus received the box of strawberries, he was overjoyed. It wasn’t as if Kitty had suddenly developed a need for something sweet and delectable because he didn’t seem interested in eating the berries.

He loved to just brush against them, tossing them about like toys. He plays and bumps into them all day long.

He cuddles up close to them and falls asleep with them when he gets tired. Although using a bouquet of strawberries as a safety blanket may seem odd, there could be a good rationale for it.

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