Your day will be made by a father’s hilarious conversation with his little son.

In order to see the “Empire” season finale, comedian DJ Pryor of Knoxville, Tennessee, sat down with his little son Kingston. Even though the child is still unable to speak, he is able to express himself well and has a willing conversation partner in his father. You’ll like their humorous banter, which will make your day more enjoyable.

DJ Pryor is a stand-up comedian who is from Knoxville, Tennessee. While watching the final episode of the television series “Empire,” DJ and his little son Kingston spoke about what transpired. Even though the infant couldn’t speak, it was clear from his expression and movements that he had a lot to say.

Babies communicate in many different ways, not all of which involve speech. While Kingston talks, like his father, he often looks to be gesturing to convey his ideas. This is probably because he is imitating his parents’ habits as his father likewise uses his hands to communicate.

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