Kanye West purchased a pal a $10 million automobile after receiving the car in an incident: Many people want for a companion like that.

It seems the rapper will continue to generate news even after his divorce from his ex-wife. Online users already got the opportunity to discuss how much the rapper spends on Balenciaga clothes. Before that, a lot of people thought he was just obtaining stuff for almost nothing since the performance was inspiring others to talk about themselves.

Recently, a luxurious vehicle Ye purchased for 30-year-old streetwear designer Barni went popular on social media. I actually got a Maybach from you!” The designer of clothing smiled. He noted that just a few days earlier, he had driven his Maybach, which was quite identical.

However, Barni highlighted that he didn’t discuss the occurrence with anybody, not even his fans. At the conclusion of his post, the designer praised him once again. By the way, West has already supported Barni.

In 2018, he commented on a Barni rumor. I appreciate your viewpoint and vision, Barni. True heroes won’t ever let someone else’s opinion or culture get in the way of them, the rapper stated on social media. How do you feel?

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