Ryan Gosing only consented to play Barbie because of his daughters: He values being a parent above everything else.

Ryan Gosling, 48, and his wife have been together for a very long period. However, despite the fact that he continues to consistently produce highly intriguing projects for his filmography, he is recording far less frequently than fans would want.

According to many of his admirers, the actor only seems to have decided to prioritize his family after the birth of his children and only takes the most exciting jobs. He demonstrated that his most significant function is really being a father.

In an interview, the actor said that he accepted movie roles so that he could take his girls on adventures and travel the world with them. We visited France and had a great time at the Louvre. Whereas the girls would have said, “If I were to ask them today what they loved the best, He would make a joke about the hotel’s fruit dish.

It’s not only about girls, of course. They are starting to understand what I am doing, though, now. They don’t want to play with Ken, thus they are quite interested in why I am shooting him despite this. I want to share his tale because of this, he stated.

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