Lip readers reveal what J. Lo and Ben Affleck said during the altercation on the red carpet

According to the expert, during the currently popular trade, the artist appeared to inquire as to whether her low-cut top was “showing excessively,” which led him to respond that it was alright. After striking a position with his wife, he gave the impression of telling her to go closer to him before leaning in and comforting her, “Don’t worry, babe.”

They were apparently merely discussing how to pose for the cameras. She may have said, “Come close to me.” After they had taken their photographs, he turned to her and remarked, “That’s us, done,” kissing her and inquiring as to her well-being.

She gave a “Yes” in response before instructing him to “step over there.” The couple continued their PDA and looked charming as AffIeck, 50, smiled lovingly at J-Lo, 53, while she reapplied her lip gloss. You may have it everything and yet be miserable, a different individual said.

He purposefully turns away from her as she gets into the car, according to a third author. I guess they’re fighting. Others simply dismissed the deal since the Superstars were perplexed by the presence of a paparazzo.

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