This single guy raised 30 children and adopted three more; here’s how they all live now.

The man has successfully raised thirty children during his 19 years of adoption activity.

Thomas Lamont resides in Buffalo. By adopting five young children under the age of five, he has expanded his family.

Each of them is a sibling. Lamont Thomas has twelve kids at this point. There is a story about a single father on GMA.

In front of the court, Thomas found it difficult to control his emotions when he was allowed to bring five children into the house.

He claims that the family has worked hard to include all five of his siblings.

Ten adopted children and two biological children, Lamonica and Anthony, currently reside in the home. In the year 2000, the life of a single father began.

I first helped a friend of mine. After that, I completed my degree program, which enabled me to work as a foster parent. I have not stopped since then.

One of the older adoptees, Michael, is currently 27 years old. The man claims that Thomas’ place of living was his third in a row before it became his own. The child’s single father knew who his biological parents were.

Michael remembers Thomas as someone who never gave up on his kids. They didn’t separate until they were adults and had children of their own.

Every member of the single father’s family received the same affection and treatment. Michael believes that dads are called by God to raise their families.

Michael laughs now that we are all adults, saying, “It’s unbelievable that he started over.” I was ultimately saved by him. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him.

Somewhere along the line, Thomas felt it was time to stop. One of the older children got married and moved out.

It seemed the lonely father felt homesick, even though the family had seven other children. He learned that five siblings were looking for a family, so he made the decision to “come out of retirement.”

And because he raised the children’s father, Thomas is familiar with them. The father did not want his kids to grow up in separate homes.

The four kids spent nearly a year and a half apart after landing in different regions.

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