This Lady Is Married To One Of The Most Beautiful Actors In The World

Simply put, we’ve grown accustomed to witnessing specific Hollywood romance clichés over and time again.

The young, adorable couples who flaunt their budding relationship on social media; the co-stars who have covert on-set affairs while facing accusations of adultery; and the elderly man in his sixties or seventies who is openly infatuated with a young, stunning woman half his age are just a few examples.

Without challenging these paradigms, we see them and eventually grow to accept them as the norm.

Both the general public and Pierce Brosnan’s professional peers predicted he would place last in this tournament.

He aggressively and cleverly refuted every assumption being made about him, even though he was a terrific fit.

After twenty years of marriage, he and Keely have been together long enough to start a family.

Though their journey has been as passionate and romantic as anyone could have imagined, poor Keely has recently become the object of cruel and unwarranted anger.

Pierce, fortunately, held out. In the face of criticism, he stood up for his wife in public and showed her how much he loved her. We can draw the following conclusions from his actions:

Despite what the general public believes, Pierce “loves every curve” on his wife’s body.

Pierce first had the opportunity to meet American journalist Keely Shaye Smith in 1994. On December 28, 1991, his first wife Cassandra Harris passed away from ovarian cancer.

Her passing naturally devastated Pierce, who was left to raise his three children alone and didn’t know how to start the healing process.

Being with Keely at the right time provided him the confidence he needed to take on the demanding but rewarding job of mommy.

“She was offered weight-loss surgery by her pals. Still, I love every curve in her body. In my opinion, she is the most stunning woman. Pierce Brosnan adds, “She also gave birth to our five children.”

They got married in Pierce’s own country in 2001, and they adopted his two youngsters, Paris and Dylan.

Their love for one another has only grown stronger over the course of their 20 amazing years together.

Pierce wrote his wife a heartfelt message on their 20th anniversary last week, wishing her a “happy anniversary, my love forever increases with you” and including two pictures of the couple shot 20 years apart to show the amazing growth of their relationship.

Even if there’s no cause for the public to be critical of the pair, they seem to be unable to stop themselves.

The animosity appears to be focused on Keely’s physical attributes, particularly her weight. The general public is shocked and indignant.

Pierce made the mistake of getting married to a picture-perfect representation of his age and good looks.

Someone who, instead of appearing like a bombshell, has a regular body type and doesn’t fit the size 0 mold Why would he marry a common lady who is ostensibly lower socially than him, given his apparent money and power?

His affections for her disprove sexist beliefs about the worth of women.

It’s simple to forget that gaining weight might be a way to defy beauty norms. Nobody makes you live in a world where others judge you on how successful you are based on how well you fit in and how little of an impression you make on those around you.

As you become older, your priorities will likely change, and you might discover that you can feel confident in yourself without the approval of other people.

Pierce has stated that Keely’s personality appeals to him more than her appearance.

If you truly care about someone, you will be prepared to adjust your opinions and evolve with them as they grow.

We wouldn’t have spent millennia attempting to understand love if it were easy.

In an interview, Pierce disclosed that multiple people they know had recommended his wife undergo weight loss surgery. Despite her size, the former James Bond remains steadfast in his appreciation for her.

He enjoys his girlfriend’s physique in all its flaws, so he doesn’t give a damn about meaningless tirades from strangers on the internet.

Pierce made a point of stating that Keely’s kind disposition and giving spirit had always appealed to him.

He said on Hollywood Star, “In the past, I actually loved her for her person, not just for her beauty, and now I’m loving her even more because she’s the mother of my children. I am incredibly proud of her, and I always aim to be worthy of her love.”

After twenty years, Pierce has no right to defend his feelings for her or even to respond to the insult.

However, seeing an older couple express their love for one another is very endearing.

Given how frequently older Hollywood actors connect with attractive, young women roughly thirty years their junior, Pierce’s decision to stay with the same woman and carry on their relationship comes out as curiously defiant.

It draws attention once more to the unrealistic expectations that are placed on women’s bodies and looks; women are persuaded that in order to “deserve” love, they must continually be more attractive than men and never “let themselves go.” They give guys free rein to pursue other women whenever they behave inappropriately.

Pierce appreciates his wife less for her outward beauty and more for the part she has played in his life.

She helped him escape his hopelessness so he might grow and find his position in the cruel and unforgiving world. The couple’s continued success is not shocking.

Love has no chance in the face of criticism.

Keely and Pierce don’t care what other people think of their dedication to one another.

As you become older, you start to see that attraction and desire are actually sparked by a common understanding of the world and one other, not by beliefs.

You wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, so spending time with them isn’t just about how they make you feel good physically.

It merely implies you value them more than just their appearance and conventional notions of beauty. It doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with them again.

Pierce’s affection for Keely proves that it’s okay to not give a damn about what people think.

You can have a long-lasting happy relationship with your partner if you appreciate them even more and are prepared to ignore their shortcomings.

These viewpoints don’t alter anything; all they do is serve as a constant reminder that nothing matters more than your love than these pointless arguments that come and go with the changing of the seasons.

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