The shelter dog was so eager to find his owner that he extended his paw to anybody who came close to the cage.

Foster care facilities are beneficial to our canine companions, and we are grateful to those who created them. However, it is not uncommon for the animals’ living conditions to be poor, and the pets who live there are deprived of affection and warmth.
This is the story of a dog who longed to locate its owner, to be loved and cared for.
Many resigned animals are quietly anticipating the day when they will be sent home. Some, on the other hand, do not sit quietly by, but rather strive to grab people’s attention in order to boost their chances of finding a new owner. Ray is simply a dog that went to great lengths to ensure his pleasure.

Because of the brutality of a guy who starved himself and then put him out into the street, he ended himself in a shelter. Despite this, Rey did not lose faith in people; in fact, he fought to communicate with any guest because he need contact, attention, and warmth. Finally, people came out to him and touched him, as they usually did.

And fate rewarded Rey for his perseverance: a guy called Jerome walked through the dog shelter, and the dog reached its paw towards him, his unfathomable eyes peering into the man’s. Jerome understood he wouldn’t be able to return home without Ray.

They are now closest friends, and the dog is like a family member. The man said that he is still baffled as to how this canine was allowed to go unnoticed.

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