A compassionate woman fostered a dog, and she gave birth to nine puppies.

Kathy was an animal enthusiast who enjoyed fostering abandoned dogs. Cookie, a pregnant dog she fostered at the time, required special attention and nursing.

The woman tried everything she could to make her feel safe and comfortable. So, when the big day arrived, Cookie knew she could rely on her caring owner and that she would be a tremendous support to her.

Kathy had been sitting next to the dog the entire time. She was quite kind with the mother dog. Cookie had given birth to nine puppies, which was both unexpected and fantastic to her. She was a little woman herself, and having so many children was a dream come true.

Fortunately, they were unharmed, and the dog was in high spirits. A good-natured man snatched the tiny critters, and Katy’s buddy snatched Cookie as well. They are now safe and secure, and they are warm and content.

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