Only Alena opted to help the sad cat while everyone else went by. Take a look at how it turned out after three months.

A photo of this poor kitty soon went viral on the internet. He rested against a brick wall, drenched and filthy. No one realized the white paws were wounded since they were not white at all.

Today, we’d like to share with you a touching tale about a baby who was saved. Perhaps she will motivate others to perform nice actions.

Many people pitied him, but none of them dared to take him with them. Someone shared a photograph of a cat on social media. And when Alena saw him, she instantly hurried to the location given to save the animal. The girl rushed him to the veterinarian right away.

The kitten was admitted to the hospital because his paws were crushed and it was essential to treat wounds and apply bandages on a regular basis. The animal was terrified, and he was in agony, so he began to attack the physicians. And he was restrained by four nurses while the dressing was being made. Everyone assumed the kitten was feral and that taming it would be tough.

The cat, who was given the name Marcel after being released, proceeded to Alena’s residence. He was no longer as aggressive there, and the girl was permitted to make the dressings.

Alena was so attached to the baby that she didn’t even consider finding him new parents; he is now her companion, and they will always be together!

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