The dog couldn’t stay away from the abandoned kittens, and he’s now their “adoptive father.”

After hearing this heartwarming and lovely story, no one will be able to suggest that animals are insensitive.

Victoria went for a stroll with her dog Turbo on that chilly wet morning. They heard a little squeak as they moved forward.

Turbo was able to locate the source of the scream fast. She was just resting on the damp pavement, a little kitty. The girl took him in her arms, but the dog became agitated, as if sensing that this was not the end of the search.

Two additional kittens slept nearby, soaking in the rain and trembling from the cold, amid a pile of leaves.

Their mother was nowhere to be discovered, and the babies appeared to have been abandoned for some time.

The girl went to the vet after gathering them all. Then they went home, relieved to hear that the small animals were in good health. They were given a nice bed and wonderful supper there.

Turbo attentively examined the kittens before licking and warming them. The dog didn’t leave the youngsters for more than a minute before falling asleep with them.

The kittens have matured and become more powerful. And while Victoria is seeking for a new home for them, she is unable to leave them all with her.

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