The adorable stray puppy has finally found his permanent home.

In a remote part of Romania, volunteers from the animal shelter «Howl of a Dog» conducted a dog spay-neuter campaign. There, they met Remi, a nice, friendly dog. Every morning, the adorable stary dog greeted the staff with a smile and a wag of his tail. He was quite pleasant and polite. He was adored and admired by everybody.

Remi’s nose was burned, and a mark from the hot iron remained. In the communities, it was thought that by doing so, the animals’ immune systems would improve. But this was only a legend with no basis in fact. However, a mark on the dog’s face indicated that he had a previous owner, but he was quickly abandoned.

Remi was neutered and given a protective collar at this period. The volunteers looked seek a home for him in the community but were unsuccessful. As a result, they took the cute critter to the shelter with them. He was saved, nourished, and cared for there.

Remi was immediately adopted by a loving family. He had finally found his forever home, where he felt safe and happy.

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