As a consequence of the dog from the shelter hugging a random visitor, the guy went home with him.

A poignant video of a dog clinging to a person’s leg, looking into his eyes and begging him was recently shared on social media. The video was shot in a refuge for animals. The dog is a long-term resident, while the guy is a reporter covering the shelter’s activities. His eyes are filled with begging! This expression says a thousand words.

Everything happened out of the blue. Unknown dog approached the guest and began hugging him. This little act contained so much warmth and optimism that the man dropped everything and proceeded to rub the dog. The reporter was at a loss for what to do because he had never seen him before, yet he appeared to be someone he had known for years. The gathering was quite moving, and those in attendance were unable to hold back their emotions.

It was evident that an unfathomable bond had developed between a chance visitor and a shelter dog. The man did the only thing he could and brought the puppy home from the shelter.

There are several stories about stray animals that finish in various ways. Our narrative came to a satisfactory conclusion. The dog and the journalist became close friends.

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